Series of paintings

1) Space is our, oil on canvas 50x30cm, 2021

2) The night watching, oil on canvas, 30x50cm, 2021

3) First on the Moon-I, oil on canvas 50x30cm, 2022

4) First on the Moon-II, oil on canvas 50x30cm, 2022

5) First on the Moon-III, oil on canvas 50x30cm, 2022

6) Mars is our, oil on canvas 30x55cm, 2022

7) Staircase, oil on canvas 50x30cm, 2022

8) With tea, oil on canvas,50x50sm,2023


The project called "Layout" considers the topic of premeditation and conditional controllability in modern reality. At various times in the world there were many "conspiracy theories". Our time has not become an exception and has only increased the production of various concepts of alternative history. One of these concepts found its reflection in the triptych First on the Moon. Many conspiracy theories and disputes around this topic still flare up. For example: "The landing of the Americans on the moon was filmed in the pavilion by the famous American film director Stanley Kubrick, so that the USSR would continue the grueling space race, depleting its resources and undermining its economy." A certain vague regret still remains in the mind of a Russian person that the country that was the first to launch a man into space could not be the first to land a man on the moon. Would the Soviet Union have won this race if the founder of practical astronautics, Sergei Korolev, had survived? The triptych "First in the Moon" reflects many of these speculations. The central part of the triptych depicts a hand using tweezers to land a figurine of an American astronaut on the lunar surface. The left side shows the Soviet Meteorological Station, built on the Moon long before this event. On the right side of the triptych, you can see the figurine of a Soviet cosmonaut, also landed on the lunar surface with a hand with tweezers. Different variations on other themes, close in spirit to the theme expressed above, are other paintings of the series: “our space”, “our Mars” and “night watch”.