Series of paintings

1) Olshanka, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2014

2) Second Sun, oil on canvas 180x180 cm, 2014

3) Without the plant, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2014

4) Pandora, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2014

5) Sunset, oil on canvas 138x250 cm, 2014

6) Horizon, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2014

7) City man, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2014

8) Silence, oil on canvas 180x180 cm, 2014


The personal exhibition of artist Ivan Korshunov «Olshanka» includes eight large-scale paintings. In the exhibition space of the gallery lined up a series of works that express the artist's attempt to tell us about his exciting theme - the attitude of city dweller to the emptying and abandoned of village.

The source of inspiration can overtake at any place and at any time. So when one day Ivan Korshunov came to Olshanka with his friends, he could see in its everyday life the subjects for his paintings. The artist goes to this place not only to relax from the bustle of the capital. He tries to find there the real, the timeless. In the pictures by Korshunov the small triumphs and becomes great. The image of the work in the fields, chopping of wood or tractor appears before the audience as a monumental scene, which are devoid of idealization.

As we know, one of the tenets of modernism - «the painting as a sign of identity in art». We see this axiom in action in the case of works of Ivan Korshunov, who presented at the exhibition in the «East Gallery» – the conservatism of pictorial language of the artist is most clearly shows us this.

Today painting poses a special challenge - it is working with the mnemonic function of culture (simply saying, the memory function, because preservation and reproduction of our experience helps to go back to the events of the past). Exactly this technique the pictures by Ivan Korshunov stands out from the general background of modern art.

Natalia Bezrukova