Series of paintings

1) The Lamb, oil on canvas 90x190 cm, 2011

2) The Lamb-II, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2008

3) Delilah, oil on canvas 180x180 cm, 2011

4) Shepherd, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2010

5) From Hand to Hand, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2009

6) Love Me, Darling, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2010

7) Only Friendship, oil on canvas 180x180 cm, 2009

8) Goliaf, oil on canvas 138x222 cm, 2010

9) Kiss, oil on canvas138x222 cm, 2009

10) «Darts», oil on canvas, 138x222sm, 2009 г.


The Silence of the Lambs this is project regards human relationships. Carnal love with its aggressive sexuality is represented as destroying and devastating dynamics of existence, laconically illustrating the frailty of life. The theme of sacrifice runs like a golden thread through this project.

In this case the love players are the victims themselves, giving unwitting hostage to their desires and gloomy aspirations. Metamorphoses and the antithesis of love: a feeling of keeping temper and situation, the organic relationship of individuality and reality turns to complete opposite – helplessness and inability to change anything. Relationship based on emotions and passions can't be predicted, and frequently faerie, passionate admiration of love is crashed into the dust by the reality.

What price are we ready to pay for our passions and desires? In any intimate relationship one should sacrifice, whether it would be internal or external freedom, serenity of mind, or life space comfort.

Michel de Montaigne in his Les Essais wonders: «What is the sexual act guilty of, being so natural, so necessary and so justify, – that everyone doesn't dare to speak on it without a blush of shame on the face and allows to touch this theme in a serious and decent conversation? We are not afraid to say: to kill, to rob, to betray, – but this forbidden word gets stuck in our tongue...» (III, V). Indeed, even nowadays of wide discussions on various sexual preferences, many people feel awkward of everything concerning sex. This theme continues to be deep, intimate, and, at the first glance, an aggressive sexual position is often based on a very fragile sensitive soil, that is what people scarcely admit to themselves.

Each pleasure has its opposite side, and we have to pay for it. What does a pleasure mean for us? Whether it is a vacation after the failure, or the top of our achievements? How do we live – from pleasure to pleasure? Or, may be, the pleasure is a chain connecting the suffering?

(Ivan Korshunov, 2011)